Tips for travelers with disabilities

Tips for travelers with disabilities Most people are not aware that those with disabilities also need or like to travel, while some must do so as part of their jobs’ descriptions. In recent decades and years technology made this possible for them, however not everyone with a disability knows there are ways to ensure their… Read More »

How to score last-minute flights

How to score last-minute flights There are many guides out there saying that if you want a lower plane ticket price, you should hunt for the last minute deals. However, if you never flew before, or if you never thought of this as a real possibility to save money, it is time you learned how’s… Read More »

How to find senior airfare discounts

How to find senior airfare discounts Seniors seem to have more time and sometimes money to travel. This doesn’t mean they won’t want to save some money while traveling. We have some tips on how you can find some airfare discounts if you’re a senior. Start by searching an appropriate airline There are some airlines… Read More »

How to avoid getting pickpocketed

How to avoid getting pickpocketed You put your hand in your pocket to grab your smartphone for a selfie, but the phone is nowhere to be found: did you forget it somewhere, or have you been pickpocketed? This happens more often than you can imagine, even with the many warnings both travelers and locals receive.… Read More »

Breastfeeding and travel: Helpful tips for moms with

Breastfeeding and travel Fresh mothers also need to travel from time to time. They face a real challenge when it comes to breast feeding: they can’t do it freely, or they can’t do it at all if their babies are not with them. First time mothers mothers might not know that breastfeeding is mandatory and… Read More »

Air travel and pregnancy

Air travel and pregnancy There are certain people who should either avoid flying or are banned from it, altogether. These restrictions are usually applied to those with certain illnesses that could put their lives at risk. Pregnant women are just a fraction of those with flying restrictions. If you’re a pregnant you might need to… Read More »

Five reasons to visit Peppermill Resort Spa Casino – Reno, Nevada

Some people like to stay in luxury hotels when traveling. Peppermill Resort has very luxurious rooms, almost to the point they reach lavish. The staff paid attention to each detail when arranging the rooms, and you can definitely tell. Next we present you with five extra reasons to visit it. Planning an event Perhaps you… Read More »

Top 10 places to visit in Victorville – California

If you are considering a trip, check out the top 10 places to visit in Victorville and why. California is always a nice place to visit, so you will have fun no matter where you go. The California Route 66 Museum The museum offers a great selection of vintage cars and not only for all… Read More »