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Tips to beat jet lag

Tips to beat jet lag It’s inevitable to feel jet-lagged when traveling to a different time zone. There is also no bulletproof solution to fully avoid it, but you can minimize its effects. Travel west if possible When we fly to any time zone towards the East – so, for Americans this can even mean… Read More »

How to avoid getting pickpocketed

How to avoid getting pickpocketed You put your hand in your pocket to grab your smartphone for a selfie, but the phone is nowhere to be found: did you forget it somewhere, or have you been pickpocketed? This happens more often than you can imagine, even with the many warnings both travelers and locals receive.… Read More »

How to score last-minute flights

How to score last-minute flights There are many guides out there saying that if you want a lower plane ticket price, you should hunt for the last minute deals. However, if you never flew before, or if you never thought of this as a real possibility to save money, it is time you learned how’s… Read More »

Breastfeeding and travel: Helpful tips for moms with

Breastfeeding and travel Fresh mothers also need to travel from time to time. They face a real challenge when it comes to breast feeding: they can’t do it freely, or they can’t do it at all if their babies are not with them. First time mothers mothers might not know that breastfeeding is mandatory and… Read More »