How to find senior airfare discounts

By | January 25, 2018

How to find senior airfare discounts

Seniors seem to have more time and sometimes money to travel. This doesn’t mean they won’t want to save some money while traveling. We have some tips on how you can find some airfare discounts if you’re a senior.

Start by searching an appropriate airline
There are some airlines that offer lower fares to their senior passengers. However the general trend recently is to roll out these preferred prices. You can start by having a look at the offers of British Airways, Delta, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines, to name a few. These discounts are generally offered for domestic flights or to people of over at least 60 or 65 years old. Sometimes the age limit can be 55, but that is rare. Seniors who need to fly should first call the chosen airline and make an inquiry to see what are the conditions, if the offers are still available and if they qualify.

Choose to get discount like any other passenger
While people over a certain age might get discounts when they fly, these price reductions might not be really worth the effort. In fact, most other passengers under the senior age get better price offers than those presented to seniors. It makes no sense to search for age specific reductions when other offers are more attractive in the first place.

Sign up for newsletters
Often times people ignore signing up for newsletters because this usually means having their inbox flooded with unwanted emails. However these emails can come with really attractive plane ticket prices. IT;s a great way of saving money if you need to fly but are not restricted to a time frame.

Discounts only for selected destinations
Like mentioned above, some of these special fares are available only if you fly to a specific location. While the destination might be usually be domestic, you might be lucky enough to have an international destination included as well.

Compare, compare, compare
Even if you’re a senior citizen, you still have to compare prices as you did all the time. There are many online tools helping you to find the best deals and you should make good use of them. You should compare the fares offered to those over a certain age both separately and collectively with regular fares to get a better picture and the best price.

Pay attention to the day of the week
Just like any other plane ticket offer, those for senior citizens also depend on the day of purchase as well as the day chosen to fly. Some days are cheaper to fly, and some days are cheaper to book. Combining these two days together you’ll surely save more than just by using one of these criteria.

Don’t ignore the hour of your flight
The price of the ticket is also influenced by the time you choose to fly. Usually night flights are cheaper. However the cheapest ticket is ensured on the earliest possible hour of the day: nobody wants to wake up early or not sleep at all in order to catch a plane.