How to score last-minute flights

By | May 11, 2018

How to score last-minute flights

There are many guides out there saying that if you want a lower plane ticket price, you should hunt for the last minute deals. However, if you never flew before, or if you never thought of this as a real possibility to save money, it is time you learned how’s done, so read on because this is what this article is all about.

Be flexible about your flight
Being flexible about the time you fly or the destination means you have a few more chances to score a deal. The disadvantage is that you might not go a place you really want to see. Another thing to consider is connecting planes, though this means several layovers, and a longer time to reach your destination. Airlines and travel agencies will lower the fare for these inconveniences. This tip might not work if you fly because of an emergency.

Search for these deals
The easiest way to find a last minute flight deal is to search for them on the airway’s website. These deals are generally offered when a plane hasn’t been fully booked. These deals are actually really generous discounts that don’t make it on travel agencies or airfare search engines. Since it’s difficult to search for these deals on every airline website, it’s best to sign up for newsletter updates. Signing up for frequent flyer programs is also a really good idea if you want to score good deals on plane tickets.

Vacation packages
Just like with many other services and products, a vacation package usually means you get lower fares for the plane, hotel room, as well as for any other extra experience you might be interested in. These packages are usually easier to find at travel agencies, and might be designed for a group of people. These deals get another -pretty generous- discount if not all the spots have been filled, especially when there are just a few days or hours left until tourists can sign up. Email newsletters are usually the best way to learn about these deals. The disadvantages are that you’ll have to be flexible about your vacation days, as well as perhaps not visiting a place you’re interested in.

Seek out a travel consolidator
These are people or agencies that buy plane tickets in bulk – at an advantageous price, and then resell them. This practice ensures the plane is fully booked. However, even these middle-men can’t always sell all these tickets. When this happens, they offer generous discounts to those interested. You might want to use a search engine to find these offers.

You could benefit from youth and student fares
These fares are usually offered to those who wish to fly to Europe. The good news is that you don’t always have to belong to the age group these fares are aimed at. However, if you’re between 18 and 22 years old, or have family in this age group and they need to travel with you, you can take advantage of these offers.