Tips to beat jet lag

By | May 30, 2018

Tips to beat jet lag

It’s inevitable to feel jet-lagged when traveling to a different time zone. There is also no bulletproof solution to fully avoid it, but you can minimize its effects.

Travel west if possible
When we fly to any time zone towards the East – so, for Americans this can even mean Europe, your body will have a harder time coping with the hour difference. This is because the day will seem shorter when traveling East, and longer when traveling West, and humans deal better with longer days.

Choose flights that arrive in the morning
This means you might have to wait a few more days until you find the appropriate one. Arriving before lunch time is ideal as you have time to explore the city, get tired, and be able to sleep at night. Humans are programmed to stay awake when it’s daylight, so this way, you’ll easier adapt to the time zone of your destination.

Don’t sleep on the plane
Some people think that by sleeping on the plane they’ll do themselves a favor. This is a mistake, especially if you’ll arrive in the afternoon. It’s best to get a good night’s rest before your flight because you’ll also be more rested upon your arrival. If your flight is at night, you’ll probably have no other choice but to sleep. This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one.

Choose your plane wisely
Choosing a ticket on specific plane model can definitely help with minimizing the jet lag effects. The A350s and A380s should be the ones to fly on when chancing the time zone. These models have air purification systems, air humidifiers, as well as special LED lights that can imitate the natural day light – and all these aspects do help with the jet lag.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine
Many people like to have a drink or two before boarding, however this will only accentuate your tiredness and jet lag. Alcohol will also make you feel dehydrated and this is turn maximizes the feeling of being tired, something you want to avoid. the same can be said about any drink with caffeine in it, including teas, cola, and energy drinks. It’s best to drink as much water as possible, and if you must feel any taste while drinking, choose natural juices or herbal infusions.

Try to workout
The main goal is to keep your blood flowing. This can be done through walking or stretching. Many airlines have magazines that feature a few stretching routines you can try out for this purpose. Working out will help your body release endorphins and you’ll need them on a long haul flight. Wearing compression socks is also helpful, as your feet will not get swollen during flight.

Mind your diet
Eating right or at least 3 times a day could help you fight off the jet lag. Avoid high calorie foods and snacks and go for healthy versions instead. You could lower the amount of food you eat, to be able to accommodate 3 meals each day, especially if the healthier snack versions are not appealing to you.