Top 10 places to visit in Garden Grove-California

By | March 14, 2018

Garden Grove-CaliforniaSunny California makes a great tourist destination, so check out some of the best attractions found in Garden Grove. This small town has plenty of places you might want to visit,so plan your trip ahead of time.

Crystal Cathedral
This is the city’s main attraction, so take the time to explore the Cathedral at your own pace. You can take pictures of this beautiful spot, or engage in a self guided tour.

Atlantis Play Center
A family tour of the city will be much more fun if you visit a amusement park. The Atlantis Play Center features the best kid related attraction in Garden Grove, and these include roller coasters, laser tag and bumper rides. The amusement park is open every day until later in the evening, so you will have enough time to enjoy the attractions.

The GEM Theater
If you want to enjoy an artistic performance, take the time to buy tickets and attend a show at the GEM Theater. The venue plays shows for kids but also adults, and this makes it a family friendly destination.

Festival Amphitheater
Maybe you enjoy opera and ballet, and in that case make sure to visit the Festival Amphitheater. The venue plays shows every weekend, so purchase your tickets in time and enjoy your favorite artists.

Stanley Ranch Museum & Historical Village
The Historical village is perfect for a day trip, and here you will get to experience living life on a ranch. In addition to this, you will also get to see the beautiful historical mansions and buildings located here.

Soju Belly
Maybe you are looking for a spot to have some drinks, so head over to Soju Belly during your night out. The pub offers the best beers in town, but also steaks and other delicious foods. The bar is open until late at night.

Garden Grove Park
Spend a few hours in this park in order to enjoy the pleasant weather, but also check out the attractions it offers. In addition to a recreational area and picnic tables, the park offers a playground for dogs.

Cistra Usa Gifts and Crafts
If you want to get a souvenir that will remind you of your vacation, check out the Cistra Gifts and Crafts. This cool shop features any souvenir you need in order to take home with you, as well as variety of cards. The prices are decent, so you will not make a hole in your budget when shopping here.

Quan Gio Bar & Grill
Maybe you are looking for a place to have dinner at, so check out Quan Gio Bar & Grill for dinner. This restaurant serves the best steaks in town, as well as a various range of delicious cocktails.

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival
If you want to take a peaceful walk and enjoy the area, check out this beautiful park. The park includes many children attractions, as well as many cake shops. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a piece of the amazing strawberry shortcake available here.