Top 10 places to visit in Newark – New Jersey

By | August 27, 2018

newark-2If you are looking for the top 10 places to visit in Newark and why, read on. The city is ideal for a family holiday but also for a work trip.

The Newark Museum
If you are interested in art, make sure to take the time to visit The Newark Museum. This museum hosts over 80 galleries featuring paintings, sculptures, as well as artifacts. The museum is open for visits everyday, and it will teach you more about the city’s roots.

The Newark Treasure Trail
If you are on vacation with your kids, take a few hours to visit the fun Treasure Trail. There are many activities your little ones will enjoy here, as they will be able to explore the castles and caves for a whole day.

Arty Pots
If you are feeling artsy, you will be happy to learn that you ca create your own pottery here. Artsy Pots is located in the city’s downtown area, and you ca eve host your ow party or event here.

Riverside Park
A day out with your family will be much more fun if you go to the park. Riverside park is located downtown and includes benches, picnic tables as well as green tress and flowers. Take the time to explore it on a Sunday morning while having breakfast.

The Maize
Your kids will love to find their way in and out this fun maze. Considered one of the best family friendly attractions i the city, The Maize is open for visits each single day and longer on weekends.

Newark Air Museum
If you want to learn more about aviation and aircrafts, head over to the Air Museum for a few hours. The museum features many exhibits related to airplanes, and you can even create your own digital plane. In addition to this, the museum offers many permanent and temporary exhibits for everyone to enjoy.

Kelham Hall and Country Park
This large park makes for a great weekend destination. The park is located in the woods, so you will get to breathe in the fresh air and maybe engage in an activity such as hiking. bikes are also available for rent here. If you decide to go on a hike, you will be amazed by the spectacular views and flora of this place.

Southwell Minster
Maybe you plan on visiting some historic homes, and Southwell Minister should be on your list. The mansion offers insight of how life used to be during the 13th century, so take the time to explore it.

Ferry Farm Country Park
Maybe you enjoy being close to animals, so go to the Country Park for a real farm experience. Here you will encounter pigs, chickens, cows and turkeys you can feed and play with. Furthermore, the park features a adventure playground.

Sherwood Riding School
Kids and adults alike can engage in riding classes at the Sherwood Riding School. The school is also the place where many activities happen during weekends, and you can even host a birthday party here.