Travel snafus and how you can avoid them

By | July 30, 2018

Travel snafus and how you can avoid them

We all make mistakes and most of the time we manage to learn something out of them. However some of these mistakes can cost some of us a lot of money, especially when traveling to other countries. Let’s see how you can avoid some of these snafus.

Being late for your plane
You can avoid being late to the airport by better calculating your time to get there. For starters, you probably already know how long does it take you to get there: double that time. You must keep in mind traffic jams, accidents, or any maintenance works that could be going on. Calculate the time it would take you to detour as well, just in case. It’s better to wait in the airport than to miss your flight. Make sure to also include the time you spend in the airport going through security, finding your gate, and checking bags.

This is problematic for more than one reasons. For starters you’ll have to pay more for any ounce over a certain weight, when checking your bag. If this happens with your carry-on, it might not fit in the designated space. The remedy is to pack not more than 2 outfits for any situation. The best solution is to choose neutral pieces that can be easier mixed with whatever else. Remember that unless you bought it specially for the trip, if you’re not wearing at home, you won’t magically want to wear it during your trip.

Cancelling a card
There’s basically nothing wrong with cancelling a card unless you used it for the plane and hotel reservations you made a while back. This cancellation causes the airline or travel agency to cancel said reservations. Make sure to keep copies of the reservations and a note about the card you used, or you won’t even have a vacation.

Overseas phone charges
If you don’t turn off your roaming service, you’ll return to an astronomical phone bill. Trust us, you’d prefer that money in your bank account and not n that of the phone provider. There are 3 options available: asking for a roaming plan, buying a SIM card in your destination country, or simply turn the phone off and leave it behind. There’s also the option to take it with you and keep it on WiFi mode, in case you don’t have a separate camera and you want pictures and videos of your adventures.

Not getting travel insurance
There are many things that can go wrong when you travel, even if we don’t want to think about them, or think “it won’t happen to me.” Make sure you get an insurance that can cover lost luggage, stolen wallets, a volcanic eruption or a flood if you travel to places prone to this sort of natural disasters.

Charging your devices
If you didn’t fly in a long time, you probably aren’t aware of a few changed rules. You might be asked to turn your device on and have it inspected by the security. Better having it fully charged before leaving home and have the process going smoothly. Plus, these can also keep the kids quiet, if you have any and they come with you.