Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in Antigua (Antigua and Barbuda)

  • By Mike N
  • Cities
  • 01.05.2016

Antigua and Barbuda are popular tourist destinations and here are some things to do and see if you head there on your next vacation:
Shirley Heights
Visitors can hike to Shirley Heights, which is nearly 500 feet above sea level. It affords visitors a great view of Guadeloupe Island and the Montserrat volcano. At the top is the Shirley Heights Lookout Bar and Restaurant, which is very popular. There is a fee, but if you buy admission to Nelson’s Dockyard the admission to Shirley Heights is included.
Nelson's Dockyard National Park
Nelson's Dockyard National Park is in the English Harbor, and was at one time where the British fleet docked in the Napoleonic Wars in the 1700s. Today there are cafes, restaurants and shops to explore, as well as the Dockyard Museum.
The Devil's Bridge
The Devil's Bridge is a natural limestone arch in eastern Antigua close to Indian Town. It is one of the country’s natural wonders. There are sea caves with blowholes that blows out sea water and gets tourists wet. It’s not a recommended tour for small kids, as it is very slippery.
Museum of Antigua & Barbuda
The Museum has exhibits of local objects like coins, pottery, tools and cannon balls. It has panels with information on the island’s history from the natives to the pirates and British plantation owners. There are guided tours available.
Rendezvous Bay Rendezvous Bay is one of Antigua’s beautiful beaches. You have to get there via boat, four wheel drive vehicle or a 90 minute hike through a rainforest, but it’s worth it to see the golden sand and beauty.  
Fort Berkley
Built in 1704, Fort Berkley was the island’s first line of defense. Visitors can see ruins of its walls, along with a guard house, cannon, and powder magazine.