Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in Auckland (New Zealand)

  • By Mike N
  • Cities
  • 01.05.2016

Auckland, New Zealand is a popular tourist destination. Here are some of its most interesting things to see and do:
Fiordland National Park
New Zealand’s biggest national park, Fiordland National Park is included in the South Westland World Heritage area. It offers beautiful scenery, including fiords, waterfalls, mountains and rainforest. The 8th Wonder of the World, Milford Sound, is located in the park, as well as Milford Track, ranked as the best walking route in the world. Walkers may see wildlife like birds, seals or dolphins in the fjords, and the movie Lord of the Rings was partially filmed here.
Kailkoura is on New Zealand’s east coast. Visitors can see snowcapped mountains, as well as coastal waters where wildlife like dolphins, whales and seabirds live. You can also go swimming, fishing, or diving and enjoy great restaurants and taste the local produce and crayfish.
Rotorua is accessible from Auckland and is where visitors can visit things like geysers, hot springs, boiling mud, volcanic terraces, and craters. Plus, there are lakes to swim in or fish in.
Goat Island
The Goat Island Marine Reserve is a great place in Auckland to get a really close view of colorful tropical fish by going diving or snorkeling. Plus, you can also take a ride in a glass bottomed boat to see the marine life from topside.
Manukau Heads Lighthouse
The Manukau lighthouse is a wooden lighthouse tower which is accessible to visitors, and you get there by going up 120 steps from the car park. There are fantastic views from the lighthouse balcony.
Ambury National Park
Ambury National Park is home to over 85 native bird species, as well as offering fantastic views since it is sitting on top of a lava flow. Plus, it has a working farm with farm animals that kids will enjoy.