Beachfront Manor Hotel

Five Reasons to visit Beachfront Manor Hotel

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

The Beachfront Manor was recently renovated and is now environmentally friendly, and this is something most guests are happy about. These are just five reasons to visit Beachfront Manor Hotel.

To have the Pacific as your view
With an amazing location, this hotel provides its guest with a great window view. Watching the sunset, listening to the waves, appreciating the calmness of the beach, reading a book in the balcony or easy access to the beach - this hotels has it all.

To enjoy a hot tub bath while looking at the ocean
Located in the most romantic suite, this hotel offers the pleasure to enjoy a bubbly and relaxing bath while watching the ocean in view. Enjoying a hot tub bath as a couple is taken a notch higher by the sighting.

Walking on the beach barefoot
Enjoy a walk on the beach either by yourself, with some friends, or with your partner either early in the morning or right after dusk. Be in contact with the nature by letting the sand massage your feet and the waves tickling your ears.

Having some wine in front of the fireplace
There is no need for an air conditioner: just open the sliding doors of the balcony and let the breeze of the night come in while  the fireplace will set the best atmosphere for the night. Order the best wine to your room, turn off the lights and have a night to remember.

Having a great time while supporting environmentally friendly hotels
If you cared and are concerned of how renovations of the places you stay impact the environment, you will be happy knowing that the hotel incorporated many environmental and social ideas. They donated previous furniture to Habitat for Humanity, they bought energy star appliances and bulbs, recycled their construction debris, bought efficient gas fireplace, and water efficient toilets, and selected locally built furniture.