Brendles Bay Resort

Five reasons to visit Brendles Bay Resort

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

A summer vacation would not be the same without the comfort a good hotel provides. Here are the five reasons to visit Brendles Bay Resort, a family friendly hotel in North Dakota.

Rent a boat
Brendles Bay Resort offers boats for rent. If you want to see the river from up-close, rent a boat in the morning and spend the entire day out. The hotel provides different types of boats, and a $100 deposit is required beforehand.

Go fishing
Do you enjoy fishing? Then, you may be happy to learn that Brendles Bay Resort is the best place to practice this hobby. Fishing nets and other tools are available at the front desk, and the the lake is full of a large variety of fish. You can choose to go fishing for an hour, or a full day, depending on how much time you have.

The cabins
Tourists who are looking for comfort can rent a cabin for an affordable rate. Each cabin includes a kitchen where you can prepare a meal, as well as an outdoor grill. If you want to rent one, you should know that a 50% deposit will be requested upon booking. Your kids may enjoy spending some time at the playground while you relax in the sun.

Go hunting
If you are a fan of hunting, Brendles Bay Resort put all the needed equipment at your disposal. If you visit during the hunting season, you can meet people who enjoy this sport and maybe go on an adventure together.

Biking and hiking
The resort is located in a mountain region, full of natural wonders. Make sure to check out the hiking and biking trails, and you can even rent a bike for a day from the reception. The prices are affordable, so take your family with you for a day in nature.