Campbell House

Five reasons to visit Campbell House

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

There are at least five reasons to visit Campbell House, other than it being built in 1892 and found in the historic district of Eugene, Oregon.

To enjoy the fine cuisine of the Inn Restaurant
Risotto cakes, cactus salad, Chinook salmon, sea scallops, are but some of the delectable fine dining options you have without leaving your current location. Everything is made from scratch and with sophistication just like in the best kitchens in the world.

To enjoy first class amenities in an old century elegant place
Staying at a century old place does not mean you have to live as people did at that time. This is a boutique hotel and its staff has incorporated all first class amenities to make of your stay a comfortable one. Who said that antiques and latest technology doesn't go well together?

Be the host of some event
Everyone needs to hold a special event from time to time. This can be anything from an anniversary, to a wedding, to birthday and anything in between. Choose the Campbell House as the location of your special party and you won't have to worry about accommodating everyone.

Come here even if you're using a wheelchair
Nobody has be denied a wonderful time in a holiday, not even those forced to use a wheelchair. This House has ground floor rooms that are easily accessible by those using this device.

Enjoy the art in Eugene
The house is located in Eugene, OR and it offers easy access to various forms of art. Take for instance the Hult Center where you can go see a ballet play, opera, or even attend the Bach Festival. The city has a few galleries as well, and both artists and patrons can be seen around them on a daily basis, especially before some of the performances.