Cedar Rock Inn

Five reasons to visit Cedar Rock Inn

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

Not everyone feel comfortable staying at a hotel while traveling. Cedar Rock Inn is the place where you can choose to stay in a cabin and feel like home, but you also have the possibility or booking a room that has the comfort of a hotel, so read on for extra five reasons to visit Cedar Rock Inn in Oklahoma.

For the spa services
No vacation is the same without a stop by the spa. However, the spa at the Cedar Rock Inn Bed & Breakfast is special because it offers its services in the comfort of your room as well. The most requested in-room spa services are the rejuvenating massages.

Go on a picnic
Picnics used to be a lot of fun and very relaxing. Bring back those times with a picnic on the Redberry Farm. All you have to do is to book your picnic some 48 hours ahead and select a menu. Everything else will be provided for you, including the picnic blanket. All you have to do is to find that perfect spot.

Get married
If you are engaged about to marry and didn’t already find a location yet, try your luck at this inn. Chances are the location will be available for the chosen day, and you’ll be able to have an outdoor wedding as well. You can plan other types of events as well.

Visit some museum
You have a few museums to choose from if you like such places. You have 4 museums at a distance of under 10 miles, and other 2 museums at over 10 miles away.

Go to a farmer’s market
Visiting a farmers’ market is always fun as you can discover the most delicious and healthy produce you could think of, or unique crafts. If you’re not from the area, this experience will make you feel like a local.