Disney's Vero Beach Resort

The Reasons to Visit Disney's Vero Beach Resort (Florida)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

Not everyone can understand how the beach and Disney world can co-exist, but this resort proves the situation is possible. With at least 5 reasons we should go to  Disney's Vero Beach Resort (Florida) there is no point in still staying here.

Because of the Indian Vero Lagoon
This Lagoon is quite large and the home for some 36 species that are about to disappear or very rare, therefore this is a pretty unique opportunity. Additionally you’ll see a lot of manatees and interesting plants, such as swaying palms or very old oak trees.

Because you want to see turtle hatchlings
Florida has the main beach where the Loggerhead Sea Turtle comes to lays its eggs. Walt Disney himself created a conservation legacy that is kept to this day. This is why the resort has no outdoor light on the side with the ocean. This helps the baby turtles to find their way to the ocean.

Because you want to have the kids with you
Everyone knows that Disney World is the perfect place to take the kids with you for a holiday. However there might be evenings where you want to spent some time with your significant other. The Children’s Activity Center accepts anyone between the ages 4 and 12, and keeps them busy the whole time.

To really enjoy the beach
It doesn’t matter you like swimming, soaking up the sun, taking a long stroll, or even going out on the sea to ride a boogie board.  The beach is pristine and just a few steps away from the hotel. You can rent appropriate equipment for kayaking, jet skiing, and even admire some wildlife while on the beach.

To become more active
Many people need an excuse for not being active, however in this resort you can’t find any excuse. The amenities allow you to play 2 on 2 basketball, archery, ride bikes, take part in treasure hunts, playing golf and other fun or relaxing activities.