Disney's Wilderness Lodge

The Reasons to Visit Disney's Wilderness Lodge (Florida)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

Have you ever wanted to go to the Disney’s Wilderness Lodge but never got around to do it? Read these 5 reasons we should go to Disney's Wilderness Lodge (Florida) to help you decide if it is really worth it or not.

Because you want to like America of the turn of century
The Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been designed using America’s Great Northwest as inspiration. Furthermore you’ll feel like staying in a turn-of-the-century National Park lodge. And if you thought things end here you’re wrong because you’ll be surrounded by American craftsmanship.

 Eat in a rustic environment
The diner is called Artist Point and has a very rustic atmosphere. The walls are decorated with dramatic murals, depicting the American frontier in a romantic manner. The cedar plank-roasted salmon is the signature dish of the diner.

You won’t leave the kids at home
Some people want to travel with their children, and this is fine as long as the hotel has some friendly policies. Since here it’s Disney World, kids are important guests. You can have a romantic dinner in tw while the kids have a great time at the Cub’s Den Kids where they will have plenty of things to do.

To swim in a heated pool
The fact that the pool is heated is more than enough reason for some to take off their clothes and jump right in. The pool is also surrounded by pine trees, making you feel like in the wild. There is a spring beginning in the lobby, plunges into a waterfall from under a window wall, right into the Silver Creek Springs Pool.

Riding a bike in the woods
Feel free to rent a bike and then explore the woodland trails along your family. You’ll receive a helmet, and a child seat if needed. Kids’ bikes usually have training wheels.