Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort (Georgia)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

The state of Georgia is a nice place to visit, especially for travelers who have never been there before. We found selecting a resort is easier than we thought, and these are the 5 reasons we should go to Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort.

Walk through the Snow Mountain Park
Staying at the Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort provides tourists with the option of visiting the Snow Mountain Park. Many guests come here on vacation, but there are also others who chose the resort as a place to close business deals. However, whenever you have some free time visit the Snow Mountain Park for hiking, biking or just walking. You can rent a bike for an entire day.

Dine at the Waterside Restaurant
If you are wondering where you are gonna eat, the all American Waterside restaurant sounds like a good choice. The restaurant is stylish while also maintaining a casual setting suitable for business but also a family vacation.

Check out the Spa at Evergreen
If you really want to benefit from a luxurious body therapy, spend your day at the spa. The hotel's spa includes body scrubs, wraps, but also special treatments for men and children.

Visit the modern gym
The Evergreen Resort offers a gym equipped with elliptical machines, free weights and classes of Pilates. The fitness center is also equipped with an indoor heated pool you can swim at. Children have their own pool where they can have fun and meet new friends.

Stone Mountain Golf Club
The Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort includes a golf course, but also a shop and a restaurant. If you are enjoying golf in your free time, now this activity can become more than a hobby. You can learn how to play just like a pro, but also purchase all the golf equipment you need.