United Airlines Flight Status

  • By Kate B
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  • 04.04.2016

United Airlines Economy Plus ® seats will continue on its flights. It was really a fear of the future of these sites because of the merger announced. Between United Airlines and Continental Airlines Has shown that the United not only to preserve these places, but also to install on board a Continental Airlines aircraft, which is expected to enter into force from 2012. Passengers can now go ahead and buy a ticket for United Economy Plus seats spacious and comfortable.

§ Economy Plus Features and Future Plans

United Airlines Economy Plus seats are very popular with tourists looking for cheap flights with the airline. These seats are a feature of the budget airline's Economy Plus section is spacious and comfortable.

• United Economy Plus seats for use on board a flight in 1999. These seats are to increase leg room for up to 5 cm.
• Elite Class Mileage Plus ® members United and OnePass ® elite members of Continental's offer be used to pay additional fees for the benefit of all flights to and Economy Plus seating.
• At the moment there is no alternative to Economy Plus seating on Continental, but the company was Economy Plus class again in the future. Continental, however, does not offer its own version of extra legroom seats.
• Currently, United passengers can also enjoy the benefits of the Economy Plus on their cheap flights to more than 150 larger regional jets that United Express ®. Equipped, in fact, all 359 mainline aircraft of the United with these seats and these seats are free Mileage Plus and OnePass frequent flyer members.
• Economy Plus can be taken advantage of while purchasing tickets at the airport check-out, and if the reservation through the "My Bookings" the United website.
• United has expressed plans to economy plus more than 700 mainline aircraft, including Continental mainline aircraft and larger regional aircraft. This multi-year plan is taking shape, the United States 40,000 Economy Plus seats than 122,000 Economy Plus seats translated daily passengers have tickets for United. At the moment no one is in this function.

What the experts say

Jim Compton, chief revenue officer United Continental Holdings, commented chance for the words: "Our customers value Economy Plus and the additional personal space that it offers." In addition, he said, "Customers who sit in Economy Plus are significantly more satisfied with travel experience, such as travelers, the other options that enable them to travel tailored to your needs to choose." Industry experts believe that the decision to keep the United Economy Plus shows that the airline is dedicated to providing customized travel experience, and creative options for its passengers.