Visit Gasparilla Inn & Club

The Reasons to Visit Gasparilla Inn & Club (Florida)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

The Gasparilla Inn is located on an island in an area known internationally as "The Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World." Because not everyone finds this title important enough, go read the next 5 reasons we should go to Gasparilla Inn & Club (Florida).

To play croquet
This sport may not be very popular, but the rich and those coming from old families would play it. The three lawns at this resort have a certification from USCA and held many competitions. You should look forward to the 2015 Boca Grande Invitational Croquet Tournament. You can even book a lawn for a private event.

To ride the airboat
How many resorts do you know to offer an airboat ride? Keep in mind that only the guests of the resort have the privilege to see untouched bayous and estuaries, enjoy the sunset, fish, or watch the birds presents. This ride is for people of all ages.

To learn a little history
This is possible by visiting the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse dating back to 1890. Everyone can visit the lighthouse that hosts a museum with pieces of local history. There is a little souvenirs shop as well if you want to buy a small gift. The only requirement is to make a little donation when visiting the museum.

To go to a place of worship
There are 4 churches and a chapel that serve both visitors and locals. The chapel is available only for public or private events. There are a handful of beliefs served by these churches: Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and then there is the Episcopal Church, all of which are waiting to fulfill your spiritual needs.

To explore an island
It was already mentioned the inn is on an island. This means the guests can go ahead and explore it at leisure. The attractions are a village, art galleries, shop, nice restaurants, as well as historical sites. The guests can rent a bike or a golf cart if they don’t want to walk.