Hotel Andaluz

Hotel Andaluz (New Mexico)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

New Mexico is full of comfortable hotels, so read on for the five reasons to go to Hotel Andaluz. The hotel is classy and elegant, yet stays true to its roots.

Eating and drinking out
Get a taste of the local cuisine by eating at the hotel's restaurants. The flavored and spicy food will wake up your senses. Tapas y Vino is the best spot for a romantic dinner, while Ibiza offers outdoor seating. If you travel in a group, check out the casbahs. The food is varied enough to satisfy any taste.

Check out the meeting rooms
When you want to get some work done, Hotel Andaluz' business center is the right place to go. The fully equipped 6,000 square feet space offers an intimate setting and the newest technology. The rooms can fit up to 150 guests, and include a bar for coffee and drinks.

A perfect wedding
Do you want to always remember your wedding day? Choose one of the wedding packages or customize your own. Hotel Andaluz features the Barcelona Ballroom which can be perfect for you and your guests. Having your wedding reception in Santa Fe provides you with an exotic setting, and the Ballroom features an outdoor deck.

Visit Santa Fe
Your trip cannot come to an end without seeing the city in all of its splendor. Take some time for yourself and go shopping, visit the historical museum and purchase paintings from the art galleries. The Native American history may be something you are interested in, and this makes Santa Fe a perfect destination.

Choose a vacation package
If you are unsure of what vacation would be more suitable for you, opt for one of the packages. The Romance package sounds like a good idea for a romantic trip, while Green is all about living Eco.