Sandpearl Resort

Sandpearl Resort (Florida)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

Florida is always sunny and winter is never encountered there. We all need some sun in our life sometimes, so below are the 5 reasons we should go to Sandpearl Resort. The resort has won numerous awards!

Take a walk on the beach
The 700 foot beach is the perfect destination for a walk but also a day in the sun. Sit back and take in the surroundings with a cocktail in your hand, swim and relax under an umbrella. If you want to watch a sunset or sunrise on the beach, this place offers amazing views.

Enrichment Programs
There are several programs a tourist can engage in, and the Enrichment Programs allow families to experience Florida's wildlife to its fullest. You can go on a kayaking tour, attend the Astronomy Night or watch the dolphin related activities.

Keep active
Sandpearl Resort offers many beach activities including volleyball, surf, parasailing and about any other water sport you can think about. If you want to keep in shape even on your free time, go to the fitness center and try yoga or a personalized routine. The instructors will be glad to help you.

Spend a romantic vacation
Sandpearl resort is known for its romantic surroundings and couple related activities. You and that special someone in your life can swim with the dolphins, have a romantic dinner at the Tate Island Grill or enjoy desserts and chill champagne in a poolside cabana.

Culinary experiences
Everyone gets hungry after a full day in the sun, and the resort offers some of Florida’s Gulf Coast best foods. You can try the seafood, natural and organic sandwiches, or rich in chocolate desserts. Dining packages are also offered to guests who are searching for a personalized menu. You can even eat on the beach if you want to take advantage of the great weather.