Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center

Five reasons to go to Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

  • By Christine M
  • Resorts
  • 04.08.2016

Read on for the five reasons to go to Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center.

The cool facilities
The rooms of this hotel are all equipped with modern and stylish furniture that will make your stay that much more comfortable. In addition to that, most of the rooms have an ocean view, which will add to the relaxing feeling you will get. The rooms also features kitchens, microwaves, air conditioning and luxury bath products.

Visit the beach
You cannot end your vacation without a trip to the beach. The sandy beaches located here will make you feel rejuvenated and at peace. If are in the mood to keep active, practice some of your favorite sports. The resort offers tennis courts, and some golf courses are located nearby. You can also relax and grab a cocktail or an ice cream right on the beach.

Meetings and business
The resort features a big conference center you can use at any time of the day. The space is flexible, and thus can be used for private parties, anniversaries, but also business meetings. The staff at  Virginia Beach Resort Hotel will put at your disposal a catering menu which can be personalized, and offer professional planning.

Go shopping and explore
Virginia Beach has many neighborhoods you should consider exploring when you're in town. Visit the museums in order to learn more about the city's rich history, and treat yourself to a shopping trip when you had enough of seeing art. Virginia Beach offers souvenir and accessories shops that satisfy any shopping taste.

Virginia Beach Aquarium
If you went on vacation with your family, your kids will probably love to visit this cool aquarium. The aquarium is the place where numerous species of fish, whales and other sea creatures live. You can take pictures and spend a few hours of your day enjoying the surroundings.