Wyndham Inn on the Harbor

Five reasons to go to Wyndham Inn on the Harbor (Rhode Island)

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

Maybe you need five reasons to go to Wyndham Inn on the Harbor, so read on for some cool details.

Sophisticated rooms
Wyndham Inn offers elegant rooms in a great setting. The condos are furnished as to fit the requirements of the most picky guests, but also families. The hotel offers ocean views to its visitors, along with all the amenities you need for a relaxing vacation. Take the time to visit the pools, take your kids to the playground and have a drink at the bar.

Restaurant and menu
Eating out is fun during summer vacation, and Wyndham Inn's restaurant serves fresh foods in a casual setting. Enjoy a traditional egg and bacon breakfast in the morning, have a cup of fresh coffee and check out the dinner menu. After dinner, go to the bar for drinks and your favorite cocktail.

Play golf
Wyndham Inn is famous for its challenging and fun golf course. Rent or buy the equipment you need from the shop, and enjoy playing this elegant sport for a few hours. Maybe you want to improve your skills, and in such a case get more info on the golf lessons offered here.

Cool facilities
You are most likely searching for a comfortable hotel, and Wyndham Inn's room feature DVD players, video games, as well as Internet access. If you forgot your hairdryer at home you can simply use the one in the bathroom. The rooms offers a cool street view and include large balconies.

Time at the beach
Your summer holiday will be much improved with at least a few trips to the beach. Take the time to breathe in the ocean breeze, lay down in the sun or take a morning walk on the beach. The fun atmosphere will recharge your spirit and leave you feeling brand new.