Harveys Lake Tahoe

Harveys Lake Tahoe

  • By Kate B
  • Resorts
  • 04.04.2016

If you need 5 reasons to go Harveys Lake Tahoe, read on. This hotel is full of entertainment options, so you will find many things to do and see here. All you need to do it take some time off work and enjoy your next vacation.

Play games at the casino
The casino at Harveys Lake Tahoe is the place where you can go on a free night. The casino offers the most popular games and many new ones worth checking out. If you are a regular, you get the chance to win prizes and can get a discount. The hotel's casino is one of the most popular in US!

Eat a hearty meal
Harvey's Lake Tahoe includes many small and larger restaurants, and one of them is Cinnabon. This place serves the absolute best cinnamon buns in the state and maybe in the whole country. If you want to eat a real steak, head over to the Sage Room Steakhouse.

Concerts and shows
If you want to listen to some good live music or attend a concert, you should know numerous bands play here. You can get to see new acts that may become a favorite, or see the bands you already know and love. Either way, you will have tons of fun.

Meetings and business
The 28,000-square-foot space is enough to host all your business meetings. The business center is equipped with anything you need, and includes ball rooms and many meetings rooms. The views are also amazing, so you will not even feel like you are working.

The golf course
Play golf at the Harvey's Lake Tahoe resort for a different experience. Even if you are a pro player, you will be amazed by the scenic course. The hotel offers several types of golf classes and packages as well.